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My name is Mirna and I am, you guessed it, a very tall Croatian girl that just moved to Hong Kong. This is my attempt to share the amazement, wonder and pure bewilderment I experience in every day life.
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21st November 2010



Traffic, temples, people in the parks, more traffic, food. Some things I loved, like the Great Wall, seeing people playing Chinese chess in the parks, old man flying his kite next to a lake, while others not so much. It was really, really hard to get around: it takes forever to get anywhere since Beijing is one big traffic jam and all taxi drivers are maniacs. No, I will not understand Mandarin if it’s repeated slower and louder. It’s not OK to spit out of the car, reverse on a high-way, refuse to turn on the meter…But, back to the things I loved. Here are some snapshots of my favorite Beijing moments.

Lama Temple

Lama Temple

Temple of Confucius

Temple of Confucius

Confucius Teahouse

Confucius Teahouse


Fancy doorway

Beihai Park

Beihai Park

Chinese chess in the Temple of Heaven park

Chinese chess

Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven

The variety and quality of food was amazing. Some of the things I have tried before like mandatory Peking duck and dumplings, but there was so much more that never reached the west. Chinese Muslim food, amazing street food, yogurt! I would have never guessed yogurt was one of the favorite breakfast drinks in Beijing. Sweetened with honey it can be found on every corner.



Jian Bing - Beijing style pancake

Jian Bing

Lamb stew in the Muslim Restaurant

Lamb stew

Street food vendors - we ordered some chicken wings by flapping out hands and doing a chicken dance. Beer was easier - just point and nod!

Street food in Beijing

Pork Belly in Najia Xiaoguan

Pork belly!

Then there were the funny moments:

Tire guards - you don’t want dogs peeing on your nice tires.

Tire guards

Signs - I’m not sure if this is Zen philosophy or directions.


No scratch!

Protect the railings for future generations.

Railings? Really?

To sum it up I leave you with one last moment

Picture of China


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