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My name is Mirna and I am, you guessed it, a very tall Croatian girl that just moved to Hong Kong. This is my attempt to share the amazement, wonder and pure bewilderment I experience in every day life.
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Practicing Cantonese

28th October 2010


Practicing Cantonese

We are in a lift going home after dinner, giggling. Doors close, then open again, a men comes in, mumbles something

HIM: Sorry, sorry…

ME: Mouh man tai (Canto: “no problem”).

He turns around and his wife and a kid get in. I can tell they are not from HK - uh-oh!

HIM: We are Japanese. I don’t know Cantonese…

ME: I’m soooo sorry.

HIM: Where are you from?

ME: We are from Croatia…

That seemed to make him happy.

HIS WIFE (laughs nervously): I’m sorry - he is drunk.

And “DING-DING!” they get out on the 41st floor. 

We get out of the lift trying to figure our what just went on. The options are

a) He was drunk.

b) He *really* is Japanese.

c) We are drunk.

I would put my money on all of the above. :-)


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